Tubular Tyres - Is Tape Okay?

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Was thinking of getting some tubular carbons as there cheaper and lighter than the clinchers but don't fancy all the glueing. Whats peoples thoughts on taping them? Will it keep the tyres on safely for leisure riding? Is it easy to take tape off and how often do you need to do that? Was looking at the Velox Jantex tape.

The web page below seems to make it all sound so easy.

http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/news/pr ... -clinchers

or should I go clincher :?

Cheers for any advice...


  • schweiz
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    The wheels may be cheaper but tubs are more expensive than clincher tyres to buy. Also if you get a puncture, they're a PITA to change at the side of the road. Tubs can be repaired, but again, it's alot of faffing. If you want to use tubs every day and can have a car following you round with spare wheels or a spare bike then go for the (marginal) benefits of them, otherwise stick to clinchers.

    However to answer your question, tape is fine and much less messy than glue!
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    that video of changing a tub... ha ha ha ha ha

    do you have a brand new wheel, thats never been outdoors or used, and are a professional bike tech......

    look its this easy (with 3 separate cuts in the film so it took a lot longer) 1:07... not a chance

    but a clincher change in less than 5 min very possible, tube change in 3min
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    Tape is fine, I use Jantex too and it works just fine
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    ... longtime Tufo user... no probs with their tape over the years.