Taping over Glue on Tubular Rims

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Hi all,

I've found a puncture on my rear tubular rim which I need to use to race sunday,


Well I've got another tubular tyre stretching and I'm not going to have enough time to glue it so going to tape it tomorrow to give it enough time before racing with it and to get a test ride in first.

My question is that the rim is currently glued, i will happily remove the glue (going to take me a couple of hours tomorow lol) but wondered if it would be okay to tub tape over the top of it?


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  • cycleclinic
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    When I had the same problen before my weekly TT I had to the same as you. Remove as much glue as I could then use tape. Worked a treat. In fact got a puncture in that tub on sunday's club ride and the spare tub stuck to the tape very securely. I really can't be bothered with glue now. Velox tub tape is so damm good.
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  • sungod
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    the rim has glue already, why not check now if you can mount the tyre, if you can then no need to leave it stretching

    then put a coat of glue on the base tape, leave it until the morning

    in the morning put a coat on the rim, mount the tyre, it's got 24 hours to cure, ready for sunday
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  • Monty Dog
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    Leave the glue on the rim - just scrape off any lumps. Apply some fresh glue let it go slightly tacky and then stick the tub on using the tape. Glue and tape is known as the 'Belgian' method, particularly suitable for CX tubs where you can't rely on the higher tyre pressures to hold the tyre in place. Pump the tyre up to max and leave overnight.
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