A cycling Loner (long don't read if no stamina)



  • Nothing hurts. The last 5 miles I was going quite fast. It was just at 12 miles to go I saw and knew I had 5 miles uphill, although at a very steady incline.

    I am going to try another tomorrow. My 10 mile route now seems a breeze, I have upped my average speed even when windy.

    Yes losing weight feels dam good.

    Keep up the good work everybody
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    Having posted earlier in this topic about wanting the best of both worlds I've now found that my position has changed somewhat. I had what I consider to be an epiphany during a club run on Sunday. It was a miserable morning, wet and windy, but I was up early and away for the usual meet up. I'd really struggled to keep up about 40-50 miles in due to the very hilly nature of the route. Although the other guys waited for me it was clear some of them were not happy about it (I should point out there was plenty of encouragement as well from others). The cafe stop came later in the ride, not the usual halfway mark, but I decided to continue at my own pace rather than delay everyone else on the way home. The final 15 miles or so were where it all fell into place for me. I had just spent 4 hours cycling somewhere that I didn't necessarily want to go in weather that was not very pleasant with people who would'nt be disappointed if I hadn't been there in the first place. The appeal of cycling on my own again just hit home like never before, I can't see me going back to tell the truth.
    I can almost hear the cries of MTFU as people read this but that is the point, I do this for enjoyment, not to punish myself in some kind of weekly sufferfest or compete in a willy-waggling contest everytime I get on my bike. My fitness, weight and distances have both improved significantly in recent years since I started so I know I am doing something right.
    Flying solo from now on I think.

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  • I change my mind about things 20 times a day, ask the wife.

    I went out with a mate Sunday and it was nice, nice to chat, nice to have company and I didn't notice the miles fly by. I did say to him, I am doing 25 , going to blah and he was happy, he rode at my pace which is quicker now than 10 weeks ago and we had a nice time. (except for being chased by a motorist who nearly wiped us out, I though he chased to apologise, nope, in fact he chased and said nothing, weird)

    I do prefer the solo, for reasons stated and I will never ride with mass people due to what you encountered, on a club run I guess they all try to keep up with each other, some just can't. I know I would be at the back and just wave them to carry on. Horses for courses.
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    If a club run is too fast for you, the solution is maybe a different club run rather than solo I'd have thought.

    I've just signed up for Airedale Olympic. I've been doing their Sunday runs which, tbh, are a little slower than I'm used to - but I still really enjoy them (and we are genuinely happy to wait for people). I tend to flog myself on my own so a more relaxing pace where I get home thinking I could have done with another 20 is nice.

    This weekend I tried out the fast training run. That was hard - I spent much of the run wishing it would all end but it was deeply satisfying at the end of it and I reckon that run might really improve my pace.
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    I am generally a bike loner also - but I also enjoy the Sunday rides with a friend (we are equal in terms of fitness - I am faster on the flat and he is faster on hills) - the miles are a lot easier as having a chat as you go makes them fly by.

    But I never know what mood my body is in until a couple a miles down the road - for that reasons I sometimes go fast and other times real slow. Generally I like to push myself but especially when it is sunny I like to slow down and smell the roses.
  • Great post! So many people like me out there enjoying the freedom of the road.

    I have no problems cycling on my own and enjoy trying to improve myself but I'm not trying to break any world records. I haven't breached 40mph yet, have only just managed my first 50 miler and am happy with my averages.

    I do want to push my distances and 100 miles would be a fantastic achievement to me. In fact, if you look at the profiles of a lot of club riders on Strava, only about half have done over 100 miles!

    Cycling is what you make it....as long as you are enjoying yourself, keep going!
  • I'm a lone cyclist too, also a lone runner. half the appeal of either activity for me is the solitude, I have a high pressure job, which is noisy + relentless + work very long hours on occasions, so the peace + quiet to clear my head is neccesary + appreciated. Also I can go at my own pace, including having the option to quit if i want to or add another 10 miles to my trip (bike, not run!) should i choose. club/organised riding/running doesn't appeal, as the moment i have to make a commitment to start at a certain time, certain day, do a certain distance at a certain speed it becomes a chore, a routine, just like work + i would lose interest + start to resent it. also, having read several forums, i think the level of snobbery in cycling would be too much for me. i have already learnt that there are unwritten rules abour what kit you can wear (no champions jersey etc etc) what to eat/drink, how fast you should be, type of bike etc. i appreciate not all cyclists are like this, but the forums tend to bring them out. the few road cyclists i have spoken to tend to love speaking in technical jargon just to impress + patronise. to be honest, my technical knowledge is probably very weak on the subject, but some people seem to obsess about gear sets etc rather than actually just getting out + riding a bike. i am hopelessly slow, struggle on hills + don't carry super energy bars ( if i get hungry when i'm out on the bike i call in a shop + get some bananas, seems to work for me) so club/group riding is not for me. it's nice to see that there are so many other lone cyclist/anti social gits on here, i thought it just me..

    each to his own, i've nothing against anyone who rides in a group, just don't ask me to!
  • As you say each to their own. And I am like you , it's hard to commit to a run due to many unseen factors.

    I am now a cycling loner and Turbo Loner, the garage is sure an empty place. But with headphones on, it is heaven.
  • This is a nice thread.

    I too am a lover of the solitary ride however, the only disadvantages it brings for me are that person in front of you mentality when tackling some of the climbs around here, It sometimes helps to have someone keeping the pace and make you get over that climb a bit quicker. Also, sometimes being in a group feels safer on certain stretches of roads. All personal stuff though, and no nerdy data to back it up.
    But on a whole, 99% of my riding is done on my lonesome for the pure joy of freedom. The garmin can challenge you if you want it to, you can change route, stop at as many cafes as you want, set off when you want, it is all there for the taking, and even though I belong to a very large club of great guys and girls + cheap annual membership rarely do I show up for the Saturday run.
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  • I use a slight change on your sig when talking to people, good advice though.
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    @dc ... That would be yogi then!
  • Mikey23 wrote:
    @dc ... That would be yogi then!

    Right on! :)
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