Colnago C59 Italia

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Hi All,

I'm thinking about in investing a Colnago C59 Italia, but I'm torn about gruppo options.

I want to go for Campag, but I'm not sure if it's worth going for EPS or not?

Also, I know this is like opening a can of worms, what's the consensus on electric vs. manual shifting? If you were going to buy a bike, which you expect to last for years, what would you go for?

I'm also tempted by a Cervelo/SRAM Red combo over the italian combo as it seems to be a lot cheaper.



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    If you can afford it and it's what you want then do it. I would love a C59 and would go for EPS. I couldn't stretch that far despite a small bonus from work and treated myself to a Madone 5.9 with Di2. I love it.

    The electronic shifting is really nice and swish. Is it better than a mechanical set up? Probably not although the indexing is so sweet and changing gear on the gas uphill is a real bonus. I tried a C59 and it was lovely. As it was out of budget I had the CLX 3.0 on the shortlist but it just wasn't the same. It came down to the Cube Litening HTC with Dura Ace and the Madone with Di2. The Trek was the best ride for me.

    I still aspire to the C59 though. Good luck and enjoy whatever you decide.
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    Cannot help on the Campag, always used Shimano

    On the C59, I have a mechanical Dura Ace and a Di2 equipped frame. There are some small differences on the frames but not much and no difference in performance. However make your mind up before ordering - it would be a shame to get the mechanical frame and at a later stage put external cables onto it !

    So far the electronic changing has been flawless and a lot of fun. Makes changing under load going up a hill a lot easier. I think speccing electric comes down to whether you have to make compromises elsewhere in your build. If you spec the electric and have to compromise say on the wheelset, I am not sure I would do it. If you don't have to worry about that type of compromise I would definitely go electric.
  • If I was building a C59 it would put Super Record on it but I'm not sure about EPS. I already have a SR groupset on my Cento Uno and it's perfect. While I like the idea of electronic shifting I don't think I need it.
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    Doesn't matter if mechanical or electronic, but for a C59, the best frame I have ever ridden, and I've ridden a lot, it's choosing Campag and not some inferior groupset that is the important thing. Cervelo + Sram wouldn't get a second's attention from me.
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    If I was building a C59 it would put Super Record on it but I'm not sure about EPS. I already have a SR groupset on my Cento Uno and it's perfect. While I like the idea of electronic shifting I don't think I need it.

    +1 to that. Mechanical Super Record is so light and precise I don't think you'd feel cheated, and you'd be saving a few grammes as well as pounds.

    I'm sure the Cervelo/SRAM combo would be a nice ride, but doubt it would stir the soul like the Colnago/Campagnolo would.

    Nice dilemma though!
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    For me, Mechanical super record, i have it on my c59 you wont regret it. :D
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    As per Mark, I have a C59 with Super Record Mechanical on it, I hampered about putting EPS on it, but decided against it as I want to enjoy the ride not worry whether my battery is going to drain because I hadn't ridden the bike for 3 months!

    I have got an almost complete Record EPS set and will probably put it on my Colnago CX1 or my Cervelo R3 SL as those bikes will get used the most.
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    EPS is a Gimmick just now - Campag Record or chorus will just work as good + you can use the extra cash to buy better wheels.

    PS. Google a Picture of a Colnago C59 alongside a Cervelo with Meccano on it oops i mean Sram 8) ......No Contest is there if you want the best then a Colnago with Campag is the dogs bollox.
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    I have a Cervelo/Record combo and I like it but the shifting is not as good as my Pegoretti/Record. On the latter its hard to see how electonic shifting would be worth the extra money. It is like pressing a button. I think its to do with the stiffness of the rear drop out.
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    Electonic wireless is the future.

    Can't wait. I'll stand on Hardknott during the Fred Whitton with my doofer device and keep putting people into the big ring on the 33% section! :lol:
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