Summer or winter jacket?

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Want a high vis jacket to protect me from the elements and cars. Should I get a summer or winter one? Winter is not tooo far and was thinking a winter one? Or will I be too hot if I wear it now? Should I go for waterproof or resistant?
£60 max budget and needs to be highly visible.
Wilier cento uno.


  • essjaydee
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    You'll overheat in a winter jacket at the moment!
    Get a 'showerproof' light weight jacket that will fit over your current atttire, and accept that you will get wet if you spend any extended time in the rain. It's more important to keep warm.
    Currently I'm wearing a base layer and short sleeve shirt for longer rides, and arm warmers if it's a bit chilly first thing. If I don't wear the arm warmers, I will carry them with me to wear if it rains. I carry a light weight showerproof jacket also.