FSA SI Expander Plug not tightening - Cannondale CAAD10

El Diego
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I'm trying to change the stem on my CAAD10, this is a job I've done loads on my road and mountain bikes without problem, but top cap/expander plug on my CAAD just won't tighten. I've not tightened the stem clamp bolts and checked for the recommended 2-3mm gap from the top of the steerer tube to the top of the stem. I've even tried reinstalling the previous stem but it still won't preload the headset bearings.

It's bound to be something really obvious but I'm stumped. Please help, I want to ride my bike!


  • nicklouse
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    so is the plug fitted correctly or has it worked lose and been pulled up the steerer?
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  • El Diego
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    The whole thing comes out, there isn't a star nut inside the steerer tube.
  • dmr-kev
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    have you initially tightened the lower part into the steerer tube before then tightening the top cap?
    I'm looking at changing mine to a deda plug as i don't like the way the si plug fits on my caad10, just seems fiddly and a bit of a faff.
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  • El Diego
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    I'm officially an idiot. The bottom bit of the expander had fallen in to the steerer tube :oops: