PX model B/Novatec Freehub

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Where can i buy a new freehub body - Novatec A freehub according to the diagrams.

PX no longer supplying and i have a perfectly decent wheel needing a new body, its not chewed it's the pawls that are all rusty and worn.

Shame to discard the wheel for this.

Appreciate any links or does anyone have a spare?


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    If you google Novatec hubs, you should be able to find the right part number and UK stockists. Ambrosio hubs are also made by Novatec - Riva Sport Industries are UK distributors. Worst case scenario is having to buy a complete hub (Ebay) and swapping them over - fortunately they are pretty cheap.
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    Ambrosio freehubs are more expensive than novotec ones. PM me the hub details, I probably have one or can get one.
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    Dave Hunt from DCR Wheels can supply them for £22 each.

    Alternatively, if you're getting damage to the splines from the sprockets, Novatec manufacture a version with a steel spline; I have only been able to get mine from abroad; I haven't fitted it yet though.
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    Ask John at SDEALS, they normally have a few in stock.
    Alternatively you can source it from BDOP Cycling straight from taiwan... the owner Tim is British, so no problems with misunderstandings or scam sites
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