Bib shorts sizing...

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So I'm looking into upgrading my road kit; am looking at the dhb Aeron shorts.

The size guide on Wiggle is not very helpful.

Based on my height (6'5") it suggests that I should buy an XXL, fair enough

However, read on and it classifies by waist size too, which (with jeans at least) I am a 30" at absolute most. This suggests that I need the shorts in size SMALL.

So! Should I get the small, or the XXL, or somewhere in between?!


  • u05harrisb
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    Buy for your height otherwise you will squash your "parts" majorly! wiggle have a great returns system so if any dought buy a few sizes and return what you dont want, simples :D
  • tremayne
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    per previous - absolutely ignore your waist as being part of the equation.

    Height only - is all you need to worry about. At 6-5 its hugely important to get the right size or you will be in agony. I'd say XXL at the very least. You wouldn't even be able to fit into a medium, let alone small!