Cannondale Super X

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Came across one of these in the LBS and its on offer. Seems like a great do it all CF CX bike and started thinking i could get this, sell my Van Nic road bike and buy a set of half decent road wheels for road use (or keep my handbuilt wheels). I think i will ride 80% road 20% trails (trails in winter). Thought about an MTB but they just dont do it for me like road bikes do. What do you think, or shall i keep my Van Nich and get somthing like the Boardman CX, that way i will have two bikes.

I like the thought of carbon but whenever i look at Cf bikes in the shop and tap the tubes and hear that plastic sound it scares me! :? :oops: ... e-ec032145 ... e=shopping


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    I think you need to get over your unfounded CF phobia. That Super X will ride stiffer, steer surer, and a heck of a lot lighter that a Ti bike. Forget the fact the chainstays are 2-3 cms longer, the BB stiffness is immense. I have a CF Van Dessel FTB cross bike which I took on a 130km ride over the weekend. I was amazed to discover it's stiffer at the BB and HT than my Cervelo R3!

    Go for the Cannondale, you won't be disappointed!
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    A friend took his Scott Addict CX to Itlay and it certainly didn't hold him back in the hills. However, the cyclocross typical gearing of a 46 or 48 big chainring can limit you on the flats if riding fast with others.