Bike mount for iPhone in the centre of handlebar/stem

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Hello folks,

I'm looking for a bike mount for my iPhone 3GS (for navigation purposes) that I could place in the middle of the handlebar OR on the stem. Right now, the phone is fixed on one side of the handlebar which prevents me of propperly fixing the front light, all the while the other side of the handlebar is occupied by a heart rate monitor.

Currently, I'm using the Wicked Chili ( ... 470&sr=8-4) which I can't attach to the stem of my Cannondale SuperSix 4 (2012) ( ... ival-21233), a Cannondale C2.

The problem is that the profile of the Cannondale C2 stem has a rather triangular/oval shape. This makes the stem too broad and clunky for a regular bike mount.

Do you have suggestions for either fixing the iPhone 3GS to the stem or the centre of the handlebar? Maybe something like this: ... ix-34965/2?



  • Topeak iPhone Drybag.

    I've done 2000 miles with this so far. It doesn't look the best, but then, any iPhone mount is going to be bulky and functionally I think it's pretty good. 100% waterproof (which also means you can't easily connect up a battery booster or headphones). The mount rattles a little, so I use a zip-tie to help reduce this - which also gives me peace-of-mind that it can't fall off (not that it has yet). It doesn't interfere with the ambient light sensor and the touch screen function is unaffected. It's also cheap.
  • The Wahoo iPhone mount allows fitting to the handlebar or stem as the mount can be fixed either way. ... iPhone.asp
  • Thank you, TheEnglishman and slowondefy2!

    I reckon that the recommended Wahoo Protector might work out because you attach it with cable straps to your stem. That makes sense. The only thing to take into consideration is the really steep price. Hmmm, we'll see...

    As for the Topeak Drybag I'm still not sure how do you fix it to the bike... Cheaper it is, though.