Clicking pedals

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I have Shimano spd-sl pedals and they click with every turn. It's driving me up the wall!

Because I don't know the cause of the click, I don't know whether to replace them or just regrease them (in the vague hope that will fix it).

Any thoughts??


  • Try tightening your shoe plates first, usually a cause of noise
  • rodgers73
    rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
    The cleats?
  • willow71uk
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    I've got the same problem it's so very annoying.
  • I had the same problem and a screw had came out of my cleat and the nut (inside the shoe) was rattling around. sorted!
  • Coldcorn
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    May be barking up the complete wrong tree... but when I had an odd sound coming from the pedal area, I noticed that the crank/pedal was catching the end of the front derailleur cable on each revolution.
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