Purchase a "retired" rental bike?

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Potential new rider here looking for some advice. I've been contemplating getting into road cycling with something like a Specialized Allez or Cannondale Caad8 (either a Sora or Tiagra groupset).

I went to a local place yesterday that rents bikes and I rode a 2011 Raleigh Revenio 3.0 (Shimano 105 group) for a couple of hours. Speaking with the owner of the rental place, he told me that he'll be selling all of his bikes soon to make way for a new fleet of 2012/2013 bikes and that he was going to sell the Revenio's for ~$600.

I'm wondering what the community thinks about this deal? On one hand that is a very nice price for a newer bike equipped with 105. On the other hand, these are rental bikes that must have a ton of miles and have probably been ridden rough by people like myself who don't quite know what we are doing :).

I thought the bike I rode yesterday seemed smooth and nice, but I don't have much of a frame of reference to compare. The other thing is that if I bought new I know the shop would make sure I was fitted just right to the bike. I wouldn't really get that at the rental place.

What would everyone do ... Used higher-spec bike for cheap or new lower-spec bike for twice as much?

Thanks in advance!


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    $600 off list price doesnt seem bad for a 1-2yr old bike. If you can go and see the bikes will the owner not let you test ride to make sure it fits you properly? While there you can have a look around and see what sort of wear the bike components have.

    if it was me i'd be seriously considering the raleigh