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Had my Cube attempt with 105 for a year and noticed the BB has developed a noise from drive side. Bit annoying with it only having done around 1500-1800 miles and looked after etc but anyhoo. Can I "upgrade" the BB to try and prevent this ie fit an Ultegra or Dura ( assuming they are better quality) ?
If anyone has recommendations on what to fit I would appreciate it.


  • Hi Spooks, my first post, so I hope you don't mind me grabbing hold of your wheel on this one. If it helps, I have just replaced my External Brackets on my road and mountain bikes. They were both shimano and although my road bike drive chain is ultegra, I found that the bottom bracket was an FC-4600, I believe that is the level below 105, I guess the manufacturers see it as a hidden way to save costs. I contemplated moving up to Ultegra or DA but really wanted to have the ability to service the bearings so I have gone for Hope Stainless Steel.
    Which leads me to my reason for joining you in this post. Could one of the Sage, experienced bike fettlers, please advise. I removed my shimano BB which did not have any spacers or washers. The Hope Road BB appears to have a substantial washer for each side. I have fitted the BB without drama, I am just worried that I may have pushed out my crank by <1mm, is this likely to have any adverse affect?
    Apologise Spooks if I have offended you by joining you, it appears we are doing the same thing.
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    Provided you didn't overload the bearings, then the Shimano chainset will happily cope with an extra mm if you follow the correct installation instructions.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Hi again Spooks, nice, new, shiny and quite expensive BB fitted. Went for a blast yesterday, within 5 miles or so, the familiar clicking reappeared. It may not be the BB! I am putting a different set of pedals on today to continue with the process of elimination. I know from following this forum that it could be any number of things, so not asking for help, at the moment. I hope you get some better advice than mine to your original question.
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    I do have my fears that it may not be the BB, but even the guys that will be fitting the new one said geez the BB sounded bad.
    As a matter of noseyness, how much was the BB to replace for ya. An ultegra one is gonna cost me <£30 inc fitting which I think is descent.
    Sorry to hear about your issues, really hope ya get em sussed ASAP.
  • If the guys in the shop are saying that your BB sounds bad then they are the experts. Wiggle reduced their prices last week on Hope BBs, that was too much of an offer to miss. They were pennies under £60, I'm not sure if we can mention suppliers or costs on here, I apologise to the moderators if I have transgressed. I fitted the BB myself, the only special tool I needed was the BB spanner. I've read that the threads in the frame are best to be "chased", I'm not sure if the LBS does that all the time, but the new BB went home smoothly. Even though the clicking returned while I was riding, I convinced myself that things were turning more smoothly down below, so to speak. Having looked around at prices, I think what you have been offered sounds reasonable, just a few pounds over the cost of the new BB. That satisfies me a little, because although it is scary and seems like brain surgery before you start, the task wasn't too difficult and there are plenty of guides to ensure that you are doing it correctly. I'm sure that your Cube will run smoothly once they have fitted the new BB and that it will last longer than the original, and even if the improvement is only in our minds, then that's enough for most. Good luck