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Took up cycling a year ago on a 2nd hand Alu frame bike with carbon forks - love it so now decided to upgrade. My only problem is vibation through the bars - i suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome. I have a max of £1500 to spend. I like the look of Colnago Ace, E mercx EM3, Forme Comp 1, Corratec CCT Team all of which seem well specced (especially the corratec with full Ultegra) & in my price range. Any info much appreciated,each review I see makes choosing more difficult - too much choice - I'm guessing that for the money I'm spending all the bikes are good - btw I'm a 48 year old and prefer long rides rather than racing!


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    billystuff wrote:
    My only problem is vibation through the bars
    There are 2 separate problems.
    -How much vibration is transmitted to your hands
    -How your hands absorb or transmit the vibration.

    To solve the first, you need wider tyres, box-section rather than deep aero rims, a forgiving fork. You can find these on sportiff style and Audax road bikes rather than race-bred competition bikes.
    The 2nd one is a bit more subtle, you need to analyse yourriding position esp the position of your hands on the bars, the weight on your hands. If you are riding with a bend at your wrist or locked elbows or stiff shoulders, the vibration will become concentrated. Your weight should be supported in the palm of your hand, not the edge or the pad next to your thumb .

    Consider a shallow drop bar such as 3ttt ergosum and ergonova. Take care positioning your brake levers. Double wrap the bars and use good gloves.