£2000 - £2200 (ish) what bike? Want speed over comfort!

muckyhaud Posts: 38
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Hi all,
As the title suggests budget is around £2000 and I would like to know your suggestions for the best bike for me to consider. Firstly, I don't do lots of miles in one go and I don't plan to start anytime soon. I typically do 25-50 in one go, around 3 times a week and I just go flat out all the time. I average 19-20mph on my current bike, its a Carrera Vanquish and it's been great for the 3 years I have had it. Just feel I have hit a bit of a ceiling with it and would benefit from a lighter carbon bike with better components (even if it just makes me think I am going faster lol)

So...not particular bothered about comfort, I want quick acceleration and once up to speed stays there. I do some hills, but nothing major. For the money I am spending I ideally would like Ultegra throughout if poss?

Suggestions anyone?