Rotor 3d+ seal?

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I recently upgraded my chainset to a 3D+. After getting round to fitting it I realised that I need two 1.6mm seals to place between the bb and the spacers supplied. Can be seen here ... 2-8-10.pdf
Obviously these aren't included with the bloody chainset and I'm just drawing a blank trying to get hold of them, so any pointers as to where I could would be brilliant.


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    Have you tried going direct to the supplier??
  • Yeah sent them off an email this morning but not heard anything yet and I'm a bit impatient as I want to use it this weekend. Seems strange that after spending nearly £350 on a chainset a couple of seals that probably cost a fiver at worst aren't included.
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    as said in my pm, seal comes with bearing kit not crankset, reason is that this *seal* which is actually just a cover plate will be necessary for BB30 fit bearings where as the crankset fits just about any bb fitment on the market.
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    Have you looked here?
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  • I did have a look. The lack of description put me off as 2.50 each is a bit silly. I've sent them an email but still not heard anything
    I did manage to get into sigma sports today as I was working in Hampton and after a bit of explaining they gave me two SRAM seals for free so hopefully they'll do the job and if not then I've lost nothing and also know that they're a decent bunch of blokes.
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    which bearings did you buy?

    I went for the sram bb30 kit steel beaings it was about 26 or 28 quid. But it came with everything inc. plenty of spacers that I didnt bother using. Nor did I use the wavey alu washer as the Rotor instructions don't say to use them
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  • They were just generic bearings I got cheap from a friend. Serves me right for skimping really!
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    Crafted in Italy apparantly