First bike purchase - JE James

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After a long time of not cycling (got hit by a car a while back and it knocked my confidence), I decided to pick it up again and take it a bit further than the reasonable commute I used to do. After spending some time looking up models and whatnot, I ordered a Raleigh Airlite 200 from JE James. Was going to get the Triban, but couldn't get it in my size, and most non-mail order options were out as I live in Aberystwyth, which is a PITA to travel from to go and collect.

Anyway, having spent all my time researching bikes, I ordered it, but afterwards found a lot of complaints about JE James on the interwebs. Long delivery times/items out of stock etc. Most of the forum posts I saw were a year old or so, but I'm pretty keen to get out before the weather goes down the pan. Anyone else got any more recent experiences with the company?

Looking forward to getting started though, there's some wicked climbs through them big Welsh hills :)



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    I've had a bike and a frame off them without a problem, my mate purchased a bike from them last year without a problem apart from ......... They nearly sold him the wrong size, if he'd have been on his own he would have walked out of the shop with the incorrect sized bike.
  • I bought my bike from them without issue. It was in stock and after sorting size everything was great. I had one slight blip when I ordered rollers and they did not make it to the branch in Sheffield when promised so I had to drive to chesterfield to pick it up which was only 10 miles out of my way. On the whole would recommend