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Recent rear-mech disaster means my insurers have kindly agreed to pay out £1k for a Focus Cayo, and in return give me £1k to spend on a fram only - they have the bike back, strip the bits and fit to new frame which I think sound pretty OK, they obnviously keep frame & forks. Options they have given me are:

Cervelo 2012 Soloist S1 999.99 frame and fork Alum

Giant TCR advanced frame set 1599.00 frame and fork carbon ... Frame.aspx

Kinesis Racelight KR- 510 649.99 frame and fork alum ... -Fork.aspx

Cinelli Saetta 1354.99 frame and fork carbon ... =125&ord=2

Dedacia Strada 1199.99 frame and fork carbon ... =129&ord=2

Kinesis GF_Ti 1399.99 frmaeset frame and fork Ti ... esis-GF_Ti

Anything else i should concider, or recomendations on which to take, the Cervelo & Dedacia are winning on the initial vicual stakes.
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