Cytech Training Courses - any good

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Interested in any feedback on any of the courses provided by Cytech. I'm wondering if the home mechanic's ones might be a little basic. I'm looking at them from a hobbyist / interest POV rather than a career change (I don't work in the industry). What they provide is:

Home Mechanic
Home Mechanic Plus
Home Mechanic Wheel Building
Technical One
Technical One Theory
Technical One Practical
Technical Two
Technical Two Wheel Building
Technical Three
Technical Three MTB
Technical Three Road

Any experiences to share?


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    Problem is money... the only one worth having is cytech 2 as it open doors in the trade, for the others, I'd rather invest the money in decent Park tools and practice studying on the Park tool website, which a goldmine of information.

    In essence, if you are handy you can DIY, while if you can't tighten a screw without shredding the thread, then it's worth getting the cytech 1
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  • Your problem would be that you need someone in-house to monitor your ability at certain tasks and combined with this, an external examiner comes in to double check each stage. No problem for someone already in the trade and working in a bike workshop but not so simple otherwise.
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    I can't comment specifically on CyTech, but the revised C&G Stage 2 mechanics course has content equivalent to Cytech 2, so that's an option to consider too.

    I took the C&G course over the winter and it was good. I did it as a 10-day course over 5 weekends, once a month. Each day had a formal, graded assessment at the end.

    Starts very basic but takes you all the way through to full bike build up (including headset/BB prep with the chase & face tools) and wheelbuilding. I had a lot of hands-on experience already, but it did fill out some gaps, and also helped me to understand how to do things the right way.
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    Even after Cytec 2 you need to work on bike daily so everything beds in. As for wheel building that poart is good but is no subsitiute for building wheels week in week out. It will get you started though for £1000+ Do it if you want to work in the trade or you really want to know badly. -wheel building and other stuff.