God bless Halfords-maybe

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Hello all. As they say on phone ins 'first time caller'.

Got me a road bike. Another one after the Carrera Tdf was nicked from my garage. Thanks for knackering up the shutter door getting in lads. It was only a 250 quid bike you did 500 quids worth of damage to get.
Anyway went Carrera again with a Virtuoso Tdf. The union flag edition. Heard it was quite tidy and got some good reviews. Now here comes the technical bit. The gears.
On the Virtuoso they are Shimano ST-2300. Flick the brake levers to change gear like before. To change up/down (not ridden it yet due to broken collarbone due to going a header off a mountain bike) these switches high up on the handles. So have to take the hands out of drop position and onto the horns to do it.
The solution.

The Boardmans have Shimano Sora gear changes. Tap the levers then use the switch inside the lever itself to change back. No need to move hands. Easy and indeed peasy.

Halfords have quoted me £250 to get the different set but the kiddy in there said shop around and free fitting under the bikecare scheme. So what's a bloke to do?

As you can probably tell this is a entry level bike I will be using mainly to go to work on although reading up on it the smart money is on changing the cassette as it's a bit of a sod uphill. I will also be going from 16 to 18 gears if this plan works.

Ideas? And please type slowly I am hard of thinking due to the painkillers.


  • If you add up all the costs - shifter and cassette upgrades - I am certain you could get a better bike with Tiagra shifters and the ratios you want for the same or not much more - have you checked out Spesh Allez deals on 2012 models (plenty other good deals on 2012 bikes around just now and over next few months)?