New Road Bike Purchase.

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I took up cycling at start of April this year, and originally purchased a Boardman Performance Hybrid Comp as I wasn't sure I'd be into road cycling, and wanted something that could cope with some of the shocking cycle paths we have round here.

I've now covered over 2600 miles, and completed by first 100+mile ride at the weekend. I'm now at the stage where I'm looking to purchase my first road bike, and have noticed that a number of online retailers have started their sales :D - presumably to make way for next years stock.

I've seen a couple of bikes that I like the look of :
    BeOne Diablo Race - carbon frame with Shimano Ultegra components. 8.5 KG £1343
    BeOne Diablo Competition - carbon frame with SRAM Force components. 6.9 KG ! £1535

None of these online retailers have customer reviews to gauge opinion on, and I can't find magazine reviews for these specific models. Anyone have experience of these bikes?

Also, my Boardman is a 21" frame ... and I'm 5"11', so I should be looking at the 56cm or possible 59cm frame ?



  • I can't comment on the BeOne as it's not a brand that I've ever looked at, but your height suggests 57-59cm for the frame. I'm 5'9" and I had a bike fit for my Bianchi that put me on a 57cm/100mm stem, although I could have also gone with a 55cm and a different set-up (my Cannondale is a 56cm)*. I believe many pro's go for smaller bikes to give a more aggressive set-up.

    *Hope that's slightly clearer than mud!
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    I'd go for the One with SRAM force. That weight is incredible for a bike under £2000. Plus SRAM force is just a heavier SRAM Red, no mechanical differences other than that.
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    Can't help on the bike purchase but I do like your username :wink:
  • d4evr wrote:
    Can't help on the bike purchase but I do like your username :wink:
    I take it from your usename you're a fellow Dark Blue ?
  • d4evr
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    d4evr wrote:
    Can't help on the bike purchase but I do like your username :wink:
    I take it from your usename you're a fellow Dark Blue ?

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes I am, although they are not making it easy to be one just now!! :cry:
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    I like the style of Beone bikes. I bought a MTB from Chain Reaction and £ for £ the spec was unequalled at the time. I have to say that the Diablo Competion looks lovely and has a very competitive spec. SRAM Force, aksiums, Fizik saddle adds up to a better spec than most others at £1500. That bike was much more expensive three months ago when I saw it first. The only issue I would have is the warranty on the frame. It may not match the likes of the big 4 manufacturers ie Giant, Specialized, Cannondale and Trek. I saw on the your Road Bikes thread last night that someone who built a bike using a Beone carbon frame had managed to break it after a few months - now I dont know how that happened but if it was under normal riding then I would be worried. Having said that the bike looks great value and if the weight is correct then its a bit special at that price.
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    That would be me who managed to break the BeOne frame then! And in a bizarre twist, I am also from Dundee!

    I am hoping it was a freak occurance... it had been a great bike until then but the chainstay gave in. If they replace it under warranty, then all will be forgiven/forgotten - there are of course thousands of BeOne frames out there which have not had a problem!