$2,500 range, the Trek 4.5 is a great option.

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I tried several different bikes from Italy and US and I found the Trek 4.5 to be a very good option. I purchased the bike and could not be happier. I did upgrade the Bontrager Affinity saddle to their RL model which is a lot more comfortable and changed from the 128mm size to 146 for my 6 foot 200 pound frame. I also upgraded the tire to the Bontrager R3's which rolls so smoothly with very little resistance and has twice the thread count compared to the heavy R1 and so so R2 tires The R3's are very light. I actually found my climbing to improve with the R3 tires. By rolling so easily, and being lighter, less of an effort was needed compared to the stock tires and even the Grand Pre tires on my other bike.

The H2 geo is very comfortable for long rides and when tucking down with my hands on the lower part of the handlebars allowed me to move very well in a more aero position. The OCLV frame is very stiff and strong. The derail's shift quickly, and the crank is very stiff. No flex issues that I found with their 3.1 setup. I know Trek is a very common company sort of like Dell is with computers, but I have to tell you, this frame and set up is a great option. I am a enthusiast rider who no longer races, but I appreciate the quality of this bike series and feel it is one of the best bikes you can get in this price range. Paint job was also very good.


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    I will likely be accussed of bias as I too ride a Trek Madone. I concur that the Madone frames are a great ride and Trek produce one of the best road bikes series.

    That said when choosing a bike fit and feel is important so Trek will not suit everyone. Worth having a look at however and giving a Trek a test ride if there is one in budget that fits the spec you are looking for. Either because of the LA connection, being an American brand (for Europeans) or because of brand size there are many Trek detractors. Many too which will slag Trek off on an Internet advice forum when they have never even swung a leg over a Trek bike never mind ridden one.

    Trek should be on anyone's shortlist of bikes to consider with final selection coming off whichever bike feels the best to ride.

    I don't agree with GL's final comment on paint scheme however. One thing that lets Trek down is some of the paint jobs they roll out. Don't get me wrong some look great - I did like the 2012 3.5 but the 5.1 in white and light blue was anaemic in my eyes. It even took a while for me to like the ink blue, white and silver of the 5.9 I eventually bought but it has grown on me to the point I like it a lot now and can live with it with ease. Makes a change from all the black or red bikes I see on the road :D
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  • Having a bike that fits you is very important. With proper frame size, seat post height, stem, and width of handle bars will make a big difference.

    When I was refering to the paint job, I was talking about the quality of the paint job not the colors as each bike has a different color scheme which is more of a personal preference. I do agree some colors on bikes look better than others of course. :wink:
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    Have you looked at Specialized & Cannondale bikes? Better finishing kit and wheels usually.
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    Have you looked at Specialized & Cannondale bikes? Better finishing kit and wheels usually.

    I looked at Cannondale and Specialized as well. Cannondale was another good option, though I preferred the carbon frame on the Trek over the Cannondale as well as the geometry. Specialized cost more. I got my 2012 4.5 for $2,000.