Noob question - Size for Giant Defy 0 / Defy 1

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My info:
- Height: 182cm
- Inside leg: 86cm

Size Guide (Giant Compact Road Bikes):

- Height (cm): 178 - 183
- Inside leg (cm): 79 - 86

- Height (cm): 183 - 190
- Inside leg (cm): 81 - 89

Which size would you pick and why?

Thank you!


  • alihisgreat
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    I'm pretty much your exact measurements and ride a M/L.

    The Large just felt too big for me -> too much reach.

    but its about what fits you.
  • +1, ditto, etc - medium large - definitely.

    Why? Because I've had two of them, I'm the same height as you and that's the right size.
    I'm at that difficult age... somewhere between birth and death.
  • alxce
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    I got fitted for a Giant Defy Composite 2 last Friday and if the frames are the same across the range I can confirm you would need a ML. You are exactly the same size as me and the reach on the L was just that cm or so too much that meant my arms would be locking.