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i am looking to get a new bike on the cycle to work scheme and have been looking online at the dolan mythos with sram rival.
there are not many reviews for this frame online.
what are people opinions on this bike? do dolan offer a fitting service? what is dolans customer care like(before and after sale)?


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    Not got one but apparantly if you go down to the shop, you might be lucky and get fitted by Mr Terry Dolan himself.
    The frame is a little long in the tooth, but I see quite a few around here and they are nice looking bikes. Don't think you could go wrong really as long as it fits. Dolan has a long heritage especially on the track - there were a few in this years Olympics.
  • hi. ive got one. very happy with it after finally getting the clicking sorted. it was the headset as suggested on here. all happy no complaints but dolan seem to like to scrimp on the wheels
  • I had a mythos for a short time a couple of years ago, until it was swiftly knicked from my house. Only managed a couple of hundred miles on it before it went but it was a nice bike. Replaced it with a Dolan Hercules SE, with Rival and Aksiums - and I wish I had gone straight for this bike. Suited me much better and rode better in my opinion, not sure how much of that difference was down to the Aksiums and the Omegas though. I personally would try and find the extra couple of hundred quid and get a Hercules. Having said that, a Friend of mine has just upgraded from an oldish Scott to a Mythos and loves it, but doesn't like the riding position of my Hercules, so as with all bikes, it's very subjective!

    With regards to their customer service, visit the factory if you are local and see Terry or the other lads. Really helpful, nice showroom and there is always have the odd deal to be done. If you can, have a try of both the Hercules and the Mythos and see which suits you best.
  • As far as I am aware it's the same frame as the Planet X SL pro.. A little dated but plenty of good reviews if that it is the case. Compare the geometries if you can. I do like the look of it, one of the chaps at work just ordered one with Ultegra. Will be able to give you a better idea of how it rides.. (assuming he lets me). He has been dealing with Terry, very helpful apparently.