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I want to start road biking, I know that, but beyond there I really don't know what I need.

I've been looking at a lot of bikes recently and am very taken by something from Ribble. However, I really want to keep the budget as small as possible to keep the idea more attractive. I'm saving for a car and whilst cycling 15 miles to and from work might be nice, it's coming up to winter.

How much do I need to spend to enjoy myself and break into road cycling? I'm aware I'd need clothing and shoes/pedals, so budget £150 for that, but how much on a bike?

A lot of recommendations I see on here are basically you need to spend £6/700 to get anything worth riding ans that's bottom of the pile. If I were to buy something cheap, like a Triban, would I be missing out on a lot? I'm aware that it will be about 1kg heavier than something from Ribble, but will it be £300 less enjoyable?

If anyone can help my quandry, I'd be very grateful.


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    When I started a few years ago I spent £450 on a Giant and honestly thought it was the best thing ever. My brother then bought one at £750 and honestly the difference is definitely not £300 more/less enjoyable, I'd say, it's so marginal. If you find a bike that's comfy and at a decent price that's all you need. The major plus for getting something like the Triban (which is probably the best bike at that end of the price range) over a bike from Ribble is that you can actually sit on it and see how it feels, which is such a big unknown for buying your first road bike. Check out your lbs though, they might have some good deals on (coming to the end of the season and everything) and will probably be the best people to give you an idea on size and fit etc. Hopefully some help in there somewhere!
  • Ok. Interesting to hear. I was seriously wondering whether I would be better off spending £300 or £700. I certainly know I'd notice having an extra £300 or so in my bank account.

    Perhaps a slightly different question, would I get significantly more enjoyment out of buying a 2/3 year old second hand bike for £350/400 or so over getting the Triban at £300? In theory, I could probably get quite a reasonable bike for that money. At least full Sora, possibly some Tiagra thrown in if I got a very good deal.
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    Second hand should see you find a bike with at least full Tiagra or 105 dependant on age/model at £350 - £400.

    I bought a Kinesis Crosslight 4t with 105 flight deck, front and rear dérailleur, FSA crankset and Tektro brakes for £330 and my ex wife a Kona Lisa road bike with full 105 groupset for £500 and it had never been ridden.

    For a first bike, if you know what you want and size for fit and feel, then search out second hand as you will get lots more for your money and there are a lot of almost new, hardly ridden bikes out there that cost arpund £1k new and are up for sale around that £400 mark. Many that took advantage of cycle to work schemes buying a £1k bike only to realise cycling wasn't their bag results in some great second hand bike only 12 to 24 months old appearing on the likes of EBay.
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    Agree with the above. If you can find a second hand bike in your area then definitely consider it. I recently sold my Giant for £350 and it was 4 years old, but I had upgraded the shifters and mechs to ultegra, so there's definitely bargains out there if you can find them!
  • Interesting. Used definitely sounds like a good path to go down. Other than here, where would you recommend looking? The issue I have is that all the good ones I've seen are miles away and the seller won't post (understandably). Is it just a case of waiting?
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    I've got some spd pedals if your interested in them for £30 posted only done 100 miles.

    for clothing etc try start cycles, they have loads of decent tops and shorts in the sale now and theyre pretty decent
  • Thanks for the hint on clothing. I've been looking at something for mountain biking, but they're so expensive. Think it's a bit soon to be buying pedals though - need the bike first!
  • Thanks for the hint on clothing. I've been looking at something for mountain biking, but they're so expensive. Think it's a bit soon to be buying pedals though - need the bike first!
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    Try Gumtree, that's where I sold my bike. It can be a bit of luck spotting the good ones whilst they're there!
  • Gumtree seems a bit hit and miss. I'm based in Hampshire, but since I don't have a car getting yo quite a lot of the placed where something is bring sold is a psi. There is a Trek 1200 in London for £160 in my size 53cm - any good?