CO2 Inflators - Do They Work

Mark Elvin
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Simple question -

Do the CO2 type tyre inflators actually work?
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  • smidsy
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    Simple answer - Yes if you do it right
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  • tonye_n
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    Yes... very well in fact.
    If cost was not a consideration, then I would replace the pump on my commuter with a CO2 inflator.
    As it is, I only use it on my bikes where I am not carrying a bike pump.
  • jonomc4
    jonomc4 Posts: 891
    small, light, fits in saddle bag, only £1 to use each time and it works well and is quick and easy.

    In the past two years of riding I have had one puncture - why would I carry a pump for two years for that one event? when I did get the puncture it took about 4 minutes to swap the tube over and inflate it - I don't like hassle.
  • Monty Dog
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    Despite what some folks say, they aren't 100% reliable so if you only carry two cartridges and you have three punctures, you're $crewed. They are worse in winter / wet as any trapped water can freeze the tyre valve open. CO2 is fine on a group ride when you know someones got a pump....I've been on winter rides where we've gone through 10 cartridges and my frame-fit pump came in handy.
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  • rolf_f
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    I think most people who use them carry a pump as well. I'm too lazy and just carry a pump!
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  • Bar Shaker
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    I have a CO2 but in 2.5 years and many thousands of miles, I have never had call to use it. I don't carry a pump.

    It can never be a substitute for decent puncture resistant tyres.
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