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When do the end of season road cycle sales generally start and what kind discounts can one expect to get for lower end bikes?
Will the Olympics (FANTASTIC DOMINATION OF BRITISH CYCLING TEAM) benefit or hinder sales do you think?

I take it that the new cycles will mainly consist of new decals and colours?
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    Some bike shops are discounting 2012 models now to make space for the 2013 range.

    Discounts vary wildly by make and local bike shop but at the lower end don't expect too much off. That said searching around or waving cash under the nose of your local cycle merchant may help negotiations to grab a bargain. One cycling buddy got £400 off a 2010 Pinarello FP1 with Shimano 105 groupset paying £800.

    Supply and demand can dictate the market so if interest goes up and enquiries are strong in a bike shop following the success this year in British cycling I would guess that will reduce negotiation power for discounting.

    Work out what bike you want then search out and negotiate the best price you can.

    New models often can be new colour schemes but equally there can be mods to the spec and even the frame so worth investigating spec v spec when you know what bike you want. Sometimes it's worth paying for the newer model versus a discount on the old if groupset or wheels are improved on the new range.
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