campagnolo chorus bottom bracket

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Good afternoon everybody I have a question to ask if you please. My campy bottom bracket's bearings are knackered after only 4 months so I now want to change them for skf bearings. Unfortunately I'm not sure which ones to get. Can anyone please help. This is the bottom bracket I have.
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  • Rodders30
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    Thats a sealed bb you're showing?
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  • Wirral_paul
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    As per above, bearings cant be changed. You'll need a new unit. The axle length you need to buy is usually marked on the central area if you remove it, ie 102mm / 111mm (& British or Italian thread) etc
  • g00se
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    If it's failed within 4 months - and you bought it new - I would think you could argue for a replacement. Especially as those Campag old-style cartridges were very reliable.