New Bike, choice of 3. Please Help

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Hey guys
I am getting back into cycling, used to do TTs, tris and track 12 years ago.
Ive narrowed my choice to 3,
2013 Specialized Allez Compact
2012 Giant Defy 3
or 2012 Felt F95.
Will be primarily using it for training runs to begin, and turbo training during horrible winter days, but then will possibly look to use it for some 10 mile TTs and sprint tris next year. Which bike would you recommend as most versatile to cope with this. I will add I'm still in good shape as still play football, work out and snowboard.


  • ilm_zero7
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    the Felt - no question, the best build quality of the 3
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  • rjsmith
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    Three different people will give you three different answers probably. the Defy always gets good reviews and, if my memory serves me right, takes mudguards which adds to its versatility.
  • smidsy
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    Nothing wrong with any of those really so it will come down to which one fits and you like best after a test ride.
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  • The_JML
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    build your own with a planet x frame. Buy force or apex parts off ebay and a bombproof set of wheels. I did mine for less than £600 with full force and some rival, team alu frame, ritchey carbon, and r500 wheelset.