Specialized Secteur: 2012 Elite vs. 2013 Sport

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I have decided to get a Specialized Secteur because I love the look of Spesh bikes and wanted a more relaxed riding position. However, there are two choices in my budget and I can't see much between them:

The 2012 Elite model I currently have on order for £800, due to delivery this week.

Alternatively I could pick up a 2013 Sport model for £850.

I am a complete novice but from what I can work out the main difference is the 2013 Soras vs. the 2012 Tiagras. I don't see me upgrading any of the components (except pedals) during the life of the bike. Do you think the 2012 Elite is the best choice out of the two?
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  • snoopsmydogg
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    provided the secteur fits you then i would go for the 2012 model.

    you get a better groupset for less money (use the extra £50 on pedals :wink: ) and as far as I know there were no real changes between 2012 and 2013 models other than possibly colour scheme.
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    Feeling suitably reassured now. Can't wait to get it.

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