Bottom Bracket - Confusion

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I am fairly new to cycling and have upgraded a couple of bikes as I get more experience, to the point that I have enough spares, to put a bike together.
I am looking for a second hand frame and have seen one which I am keen on but the bottom bracket has an 'English thread'
I have a spare crankset which is an FSA BB30 set up, this is where I lack knowledge, what bearings would I need to purchase ,if at all, to get this crank to fit into this type of bottom bracket.
Can you get BB30 bearings that have different threads, or am I right in thinking that a BB30 crank fits only into a bike with a BB30 thread, or can you get an adaptor or something.

I am a bit confused and some basic information would be appreciated.


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    BB30 crank simply will not fit a English thread/BSA frame as there is no room for the bearings as the crank spindle is 30mm diameter and the internal diameter of the shell is 38mm. The only crank with a 30mm spindle that will fit a BSA bb is a Rotor but that relies on a longer spindle and outboard bearings
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