which stem?

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my bike has a 120mm stem but i think i may need something slightly shorter, maybe 110mm

anyone recommend a good quality well priced stem for my focus cayo? if i need to change it may be worth upgrading to save a little weight maybe?

or does anyone know if i can get a replacement focus one in different sizes?

also while I'm on the subject is it worth fitting a carbon seat post and replace the alloy one?



  • coopsman1
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    First question, Have you adjusted your seat to see if that resolves the issue?

    Why do you think you need a longer stem?

    As a rough rule the handlebars should obstruct a visual of the front wheel hub.

    Have you had a bike fit done?

    A lot of questions I know but sometimes its the simple things that help.
  • mkviken
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    its a shorter stem i think i may need.

    seat is adjusted about right - knee above centre of pedal and leg length about right etc

    axle is obstructed when on the hoods but is about 1"behind the bars when on the drops

    I'm getting a bike fit done on monday but i think I'm 90% there with my fitting as the bike is at the minute.
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    Get whichever one goes best with your bike. Also, bars and stem MUST be the same brand - ideally seatpost too.
  • fludey
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    Have a look at 3T I just replaced one on my bike after thread pulled and got a 3T, wasn't over priced and fairly light as well....unfortunately my seat post and bars are still Felt items :oops:
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    You gave the right answer to the seat question - it's not a way to adjust reach - only your position relative to the bb which is unrelated.

    When I'm looking for things like that I've never found a better way than just browsing websites - CRC usually has good prices and selection or if you're not sure eBay is a good bet to try something out.

    The seatpost wouldn't be the first thing I'd change - if you haven't already I would put the money in tyres first. A seatpost would make much less difference.
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  • Monty Dog
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    Adjusting your saddle position fore and aft to compensate for reach is like fitting longer cranks because your bars are too wide - they are two independent variables
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  • mkviken
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    yep like i said my saddle is set fine for my legs so its a stem im thinking of changing
  • me-109
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    I've just got a 110mm Deda from Evans for about twenty quid (going longer in my case). It's lighter than the shorter OE Ritchey. Nice finish too. No point paying loads until you've got the sizing right.
  • Rod11
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    +1 for the Deda, Ribble has them for about £15. I've got the black one and it looks great, so much better than other, more expensive stems, IMO. It's all I need - plenty stiff and light, and cheap.
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    Cinelli Vai are also another option.
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