Where to buy obscure derailleur hangers?

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Hi all,
My derailleur hanger is a bit bent and as my bike is a bit obscure and old (2001 Fausto Coppi), the hangers aren't that plentiful.

I was wondering if anyone knows where you can get replacements, cheap?


  • kleinstroker
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    I once resorted to milling my own, using a dremel. Had to find a reasonably close match first though, then the rest was easy if not time consuming.
  • Jim C
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    Goldtec in Newcastle under Lyme. Do a Google. I think that arm of the business may go under the name of BETD. Give them a call, they're very helpful. I have no connection with them, just a satisfied customer
  • P_Tucker
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    'kin 'ell. I had one in the garage (frame died, thought I'd save it just in case) and after offering it on here (for free obv) a few times I finally got rid last month.

    If you want to go through the landfill in Swindon (er, that'll be Swindon then) you'll probably find one eventually. Hope this helps.
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