Specialized Allez Headset Problems

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Hi all,

The headset has gone on my 2010 Specialized Allez 16, after a bit of googling, I ended up purchasing a Cane Creek 40 Integrated headset to replace the stock one.

So I removed all traces of the old headset, started fitting the new one, fitted the sealed bearing which goes into the top of the frame and DOH - heres the problem, the recess machined into the frame is too deep, so the bearing sits too far down, it looks as though it should sit flush with the top of the frame tube?


As you can see in the above photo, the bearing is sitting subflush to the top of the frame.
This is causing issues as the blue top bit (with the slit in it) in the picture below should sit inside the bearing taking up the gap between the bearing and the fork tube.


I'm thinking I could just machine off the 5ish mm bit of the frame which is causing the problems, machining the frame is scary and is a one way trip though :?

Any ideas/comments?


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    There are 2 types of integrated headsets. looks like you may have the wrong one. read the side of your old headset and it will either say 45x45 which is campag fit or 36x45 which is standard fit. These numbers relate to the amount of degree the bearing rings have inside the frame and you may need to order the other size. There is a special tool you can buy which sits inside the frame and gives you an easy way of finding the correct size.

    Please do not cut your frame!!!!!!!!1
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    Talk to a Specialized Concept store, they'll be best placed to advise. I have a 2008 Roubaix, which was fitted with Spec's mindset system. It's crap. They were very helpful when it came to replacing it with a non-proprietary system!
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    Just as some kind of closure on this, I ended up machining the spacer which can be seen in the image below

    The spacer is a sliding fit over the fork tube and a nice fit into the headset top thingy with the O-ring in.

    Machining the frame down would have also worked, but this was the safe option! :mrgreen: