Specialized Tricross Comp - Brakes upgrade

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I have a 2010 model Specialised Tricross Comp which has rim brakes (I think the newer models have upgraded to disc brakes).

Reallly happy with the bike, apart from the brakes which barely work, particularly now that the pads are worn down. So looks like the time to upgrade. What would be involved & what kind of costs am I looking at to upgrade to disc brakes? Do I need new wheels as well for this?

This would also be an opportune moment to rid the middle handlebar section of those annoying extra brake levers.



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    If you don't have disc brake mounts on the frame and forks, then it's a non starter! You would need a new frame, forks and wheels along with brake calipers/rotors.

    Why not change your canti brakes for mini vees ( maybe tektro RX5) with good pads, this will improve your braking power significantly and hopefully get rid of any brake squeal that you might have.

    You could also get rid of the bar top levers, you would need new outer cables and bar tape, unless you replaced the levers with some inline adjusters.
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    The brakes aren't that bad. Get some Kool-stop pads and Specialized's own fork crown brake hanger, then make sure they're properly adjusted. If this doesn't improve things enough, try the V-brake option but don't expect a night-and-day transformation
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    Last time I braked, I ran 3 red lights in a row.

    Hmm well I guess discs are out of the equation, may as well buy a new bike for that. Will look into the kool stops, cheers for the shouts :-)