carbon frame , what difference?

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I'me currently riding a specialized secteur, happy with it apart from sora gears could be smoother,
is it worth upgrading to something like specialized roubaix or similar, would i notice the difference, or do you
think it would be a waste of money.


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    I would say you would notice a difference however it may be marginal. I moved from a Boardman alloy bike with carbon forks to a Trek Madone some years ago as my first foray into a carbon frame bike. For me it was certainly noticeable in feel as on longer rides the hand numbness I had been experiencing disappeared.

    Also riding up hills the lighter Madone (about 5lbs) was felt and also when accelerating it felt like the bike took off as in reacted sharply to the power being put down. I could also feel the stiffness of the frame and the balance of flex which just made the whole riding experience better over the Boardman.

    In groupset I went from SRAM to Shimano Ultegra and that was for me an easier system of changing gear. The double tap of the SRAM used to cause me no end of missed gear changes. I've tried a friends bike with Sora and the Ultegra was smoother indexing but where I really noticed the difference is the thumb switch of the Sora was a pain compared to the twin lever on Ultegra and 105 and Tiagra and also the lever push was shorter on the Ultegra which again made changing gear a little quicker and easier as it didn't need quite the push across of the lever to change gear. That may be as much about set up as the actual system but others have said the same to me in that the lever push is much shorter on Ultegra and Dura Ace.

    If you love your cycling then upgrading your bike for most is part and parcel of it. It's down to you whether investing more into your bike is of value.
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