Specialized Tarmac or Cube Agree?

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Hi all,

I'vm aiming to get a carbon bike soon and have whittled my choices down to either the 2013 Sepcialized Tarmac Sport (£1,500) or the Cube Agree GTC (£1,259). Both come with Shmano 105, both look good. What do you think is the better bike / option? I am tempted towards the Specialized. Do Tarmacs have a good reputation and will this bike be worth he extra £250 over the Cube?

Specliazed Tarmac: http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/produc ... ?&id=19314

Cube Agree: http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/produc ... ?&id=17268

Thanks in advance!


  • mattv
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    Lifetime warranty on the frame, race pedigree, easy access to dealerships. Near me, its spesh every time.
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    They'll both be very good bikes. I've got a Cube Agree GTC SL and love it. The Tarmac has a good reputation too and lots of punters are unlikely to be wrong - very good warranties, good resale value etc as well. As to whether the Tarmac is "worth" more than the Agree, the main thing is that whichever bike you choose fits you and so you should definitely test ride both for a decent amount of time before making your decision if you haven't already done so. If you love the Tarmac but can't get on with the Agree, the Tarmac's definitely worth the extra cash as it's your enjoyment and comfort that counts; if it's the opposite then you've effectively saved yourself £250 which you can use for some extra bling if you want. Assess both bikes on the same criteria and try to make your decision with head as well as heart.

    Does the new bike definitely have to be carbon and a choice between these two though? From your intro, it looks as if you've looked at what's out there in the £1k to £1.5k bracket and so gone through all this already, but it's a pretty crowded market at that price point with lots of options and a lot of very good bikes.