Cannondale r600

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I'm looking to buy my first road bike, mainly for weekend ganders into the wilderness. I've only got 1 year left where I'm living, so would probably sell it at the end, so for this reason, I've been looking for a second hand bike, although finding something of the right size/right location hasn't been easy.

I've found a cannondale r600 for £300-350, was wondering on people's opinions on the bike/price? He said it's 5 years old, although I've found out the last r600s are from 2004, so not sure what exact model it is (2003 or 2004). It has the original components, but has been repainted, cables changed etc. Seems in good condition from the pictures. Wheels have been changed to something better as well (but not sure what).



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    I paid £320 in January for my CAAD 5 (which I think the R600 frame is) with shimano RS20 wheels and Tiagra/Ultegra Group.

    Get the letter off the serial number (bar code sticker on the BB) to verify the year - mine is a 2005.

    All in all seems about right at £300 if everything works and the frame is sound.
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