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Hi all, im a little bit confused with this GPS computers etc so hoping someone can help..

Basically i want a device where i could say go onto British cycling page, define a route or download one of the already defined routes.. says something about a .GPX file.. put on the device and set off, with it telling me where to go when, as per the route i have put on, rather than me stopping every 5 mins looking at a printed map to what road i have to turn left right etc

And one have any ideas, by looks of it i gather only the garmin 800 does this?.. i may be wrong.. i know the 500 does courses so could i load a course onto that? would it tell me when to turn or not?


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    The 800 will do it and show you a map ebut the 500 will only give arrows and no map. You'd be surprised how helpful the visual can be when at a road junction though. That's not the only difference and I believe there is another gps unit from Bryton that does the same, so you should look at them and work out which suits pure needs.
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