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Can I replace SRAM Force chainring with another manufacturer

brit66brit66 Posts: 350
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My SRAM Force 53-t outer chainring is worn out (shark teeth galore) but I'm having the devils job in finding another SRAM chainring.

Therefore, is it possible to replace this with one from another manufacturer such as Shimano or FSA?

I don't care about the weight or what it looks like, I just want something that is cheap and works.



  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Yes. Try Stronglight rings. There're cheap ones (Dural), but the Zircal are better and the CT2/ceramic even better.

    Spa Cycles normally have a good choice.
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  • brit66brit66 Posts: 350
    Thanks v much amafaranga

    I've sent them an email asking if they recommend one over another but might well go for the Zircal.
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