Clicking in top gear, Sram Rival. Any ideas?

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I've only had my bike a few weeks and it's started to jump, click in the top gear. Ribble Gran Fondo with Sram Rival. It only does it in this gear. I have cleaned and made some minor adjustments via the L and H screws and the adjustment nipple to no avail. Probably just messed up my shifting completely.
Made a video,

Any help appreciated.


  • Monty Dog
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    I would look closely at the chain as it tracks over the small sprocket, not the jockey wheels - it could be a protruding chain pin catching on the sprocket or the chain link. Also look down on the rear mech from above - the mech cage should be perfectly vertical
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  • danny7060
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    thanks, the chain is catching on the small sprocket. I don't think the rear mech is perfectly vertical. Is it just a matter of manhandling it or is there some adjustment?
  • danny7060
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    looks like it's my fault. I brought the bike with the itm wheels then swapped them out for my Fulcrum 5's. I think I swapped the cassette a bit quick and didn't do a very good job. Doh! In process of re-fitting now.
  • danny7060
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    Hasn't solved it. I'll have to visit my LBS before I completely ruin my shifting. :0(
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    Which chainring is the chain on when this happens? If it's the small one then there's a simple solution - don't use that gear.
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