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Drivetrain issues

wackawacka Posts: 169
edited August 2012 in Workshop
Evenin' All,

I'm having issues with my drivetrain. the chain doesn't seem to sit on the chainrings properly. It only sits nicely in the teeth fro 1 o'clock to the 4 o'clock position. Also, When i'm in a high gear, it feels like I'm pedaling a ratchet. The shifting is fine and it is the standard set-up 50/34 with a 26-12 cassette (8 spd) from when brought new. It is a Giant Defy 4 2011 Compact. I have changed the rear cassette to a different ratio 23-12 which only increased the issue of pedaling ratchets in the higher gears!

Any advice please.


  • Had the same on my defy 2 - a new chain seemed to fix it.
  • wackawacka Posts: 169
    Thanks, I thought it was the chain as it doesn't sit right on either the 50 or the 34 and it sits fine on the cassette regardless of which ratio I have fitted!
  • wackawacka Posts: 169
    Yep, it sure was the chain. Fitted a new one and I'm now pedalling smooth circles! Oooosch!!!!!
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