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Saddle keeps moving back

s1mons1mon Posts: 618
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Recently got a Giant TCR Advanced 2 (2012) and the saddle keeps moving back. It has the standard hex bolt under the back of the saddle and a knurled nut at the front. I presume I loosen the hex bolt then adjust the knurled nut for the angel before tightening the hex bolt again ?

Anyway when I do this after a few miles the saddle has moved no matter how tight I do the hex bolt, how can I stop it moving, would some tape on one of the rails help ?



  • bianchibluebianchiblue Posts: 344
    Some lateral sanding of the saddle rails and clamp contact areas will help, as would some loctite or carbon assembly paste. Torque up to specs, with Loctite on the bolts, but do not overtighten!!!

    But ultimately it sounds like your seat post clamp is not the best design or quality. Good posts such as Thomson, Specialized Pave, Ritchey, Easton etc do not slip.

    Try the above, if no joy go for a better post.
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Presume you definitely made sure that the teeth on the knurled surface were properly registered with each other? I've found it is possible to end up with the teeth sat on top of each other in opposition. Done up tightly it feels fine until you go over a bump and the jolt causes the two surfaces to slip into their correct positions but no longer tight.
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