Boardman TC Freehub Removal

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Hello there. I have a Boardman Team Carbon 2010 (Ritchy DS Wheelset)

I recently developed quite a lot of noise in my rear freehub, presuming it was knacked my LBS suggest strip and regrease or replace the hub/wheel.

I'm giving the strip and regrease a crack myself currently and running into a bit of trouble. The freehub doesn't seem to be the same as any in the guides that are available online.

I have managed to remove the lockring and casette. However, when trying to remove the axle (which I believe is the next step), I can only manage to undo the non-drive locknut. Removing this doesn't enable me to remove the axle, and I can't seem to find a way to get enough purchase on the drive-side locknut.

Help and advice appreciated!