crankset HTII in BB30

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Hello there,
First of all, say hi as I'm new on this forum.

I have a Felt S22 with a shimano crankset FC-R550 ( BB is shimano hollowtech-II) and I might get a new BB30 frame.

Is there any way to use the same components (using some adapters) or do I need to by a new bb30 crankset compatible? And also in case I change the crankset, Can I keep using the same front derailleur shimano 105?

Thanks a lot for the help


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    There are adaptors available to run a 24mm axle Shimano crank in a BB30 frame. Wheels Manufacturing do a variety of different ones. Have a look at THEIR WEBSITE HERE
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    thanks a lot for the reply, it will same some cash those adaptors