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Looking at Free Race Aero Bibs- any other options?

brettjmccbrettjmcc Posts: 1,361
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I am thinking of buying myself a present, as my second son was born yesterday morning. :D (and it's my Bday soon)

Thinking of some Castelli Free Race Aero shorts, as I have some Velocissimo's and they are pretty comfortable. Are there any others people coud recommend? Thanks
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  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    The FAR's are blinking great, IMO. As a treat for getting myself through an injury recovery, I promised myself some new shorts, no price too got some Body Paint 2.0's a few months ago at £140. They are like the FAR's, just even better (same chamois but different materials and sewing for the remainder). Not sure whether this makes them worth the money but that's another thing altogether.
  • ajb72ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    Congratulations on your good news.

    Have a look over on the Royles website. They are doing 20% off everything with the code SOS20. That makes a pair of Assos Uno £92 with the discount, I doubt you'll find anything as well made and comfortable at the price.

    If you do use Royles, such by category rathe than brand at the moment, their website is all over the place!
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