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Large seatpost bag

forgotrafeforgotrafe Posts: 637
edited July 2012 in Road buying advice
Have seen the Rixen Kaul Magnum. Wondered if anyone had any experience of it or similar?

Reason is...

I'm fed up of not having enough variety of clothing with me on all-day rides - especially when the weather is as changeable as it has been. Going to be doing a few 100 mile rides round the North sea (mostly Belgium/Netherlands) soon, bound to be changeable weather there :)

Also, I occasionally do a multi-day ride (usually 200 miles over 2 days) with hotel stop. Normally wifey meets me at the hotel, but often several hours after I've got there. It'd be nice if a) I could get showered/changed before wifey arrived or b) didn't have to rely on wifey at all but could still go to the pub for dinner clean & with my beer belly less lycra clad.

Might also use it on non-circular sportives, again especially if I'm going to be hanging around at the end waiting for wifey.

Appreciate such a massive bag will look a bit daft on a road bike, especially on a sportive maybe. But I don't care!


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