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Glentress & Innerleithen

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Six of us did a 600 mile round trip and stayed three nights at Innerleithen this week. After we arrived on the first day we just did the blue at Glentress, there was a fairly long section with loads of berms that I thought was brilliant. The next day we did the black, it was pretty good, I can only remember one challenging climb though. I don't agree that the black should be graded a black trail, it should be red. On the third day we rode at Innerleithen and I thought the red there was more challenging than the black at Glentress. I don't know how the grading is decided.
Everybody wants to go back again next year, I thought the trails were the best maintained I've ever seen. I've never seen the grass strimmed back from the trail edge before, we passed guys out there in the rain strimming. The rain did'nt stop once for the three days we were riding. It did'nt ruin the riding, it just made it more of a challenge so thumbs up to two of the seven Stanes. As for Glentress being the best trail centre in Great Britain, the scenery may be the best but the black is way too easy.
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    It's still harder than Llandegla black ha ha. If you want a challenge go ride the dh trails at inners. More than doable on a trail bike but they'll provide a nice challenge
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