BB30 adaptor headaches!

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I have a Chinese carbon bb30 frame which I'm trying to build with Sram force groupset with standard threaded bb. I've got an FSA adapter however this cannot be fitted as there is a small threaded metal sleeve (around 5-7mm) which houses the nut which hold the cable guide in place under the bb. This is protruding into the bb shell and therefore stopping the adapter from being fitted.

What are my options - are there any bb30 adapters from bearing to crank eg) using bb30 bearings with my standard crank or am I going to have to go down the expensive route of a new bb30 chainset? Or could the sleeve be filed out and the cable guide glued to the bottom of the bb? (Sounds messy and unlikely to last)

Sorry if this is unclear, ill get a pic up later if it'll help.


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    What about those Wheels Manufacturing adaptors that you can pop into the existing BB30 bearings if you want to run different spindles? That's leave your metal sleeve well alone.

    Link here!
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    there's little force on the guide, you could cut down the sleeve (or replace it with a nut) and cut the screw shorter, glue would be ok, but might be a hassle if you needed to move/replace the guide
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    plenty of options

    heres one i found in 1 minute ... elID=82816

    poor design having a screw/nut protruding the BB shell though
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    Thanks for the replies - I've had a bit of a look around and found a good deal on an BB30 FSA K-Force chainset on CRC so have bought that. I figure by the time I sell my new Force chainset and BB and not having to pay for adaptors I'll only be £50 or so worse off but I'll at least have a true BB30 setup and will hopefully lessen the chance of creaking etc.