sore on the inerside of knees

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I'm getting light pain on the insider of my needs
especially when first setting out.

Could it be down tovssddle height position?

I know for saddle height when one pedal is at the
bottom you're supposed to have a slight bend in your

Are any joint capsules any good Wellmen ? Seven seas
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I already have a ruptured anterior cruciate in my right
knee from footballing days.


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    do you work out at the gym? it sounds like the muscles in that part are weaker than the rest of your knee and so when your setting off they cant take the strain of the set off. if you are at the gym they have a machine that does work those muscles. start off on low weights and over a few weeks get stronger and stronger.
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    Sounds like your abductor muscles need some stretching after riding and some warm up beafore riding.
  • I don't know if you use cleats, but I believe if they are incorrectly positioned, that can give you pains in your knees. I suppose this could also be true of your foot position even if you weren't clipped in.

    According to the book 'Maximum Performance for Cyclists'.... "Inner knee pain can be corrected by decreasing external rotation (heel in)"

    I'm not sure this is relevant for you , but maybe foot position might be worth thinking about?
  • i suggest you do some squads about 35 reps a day to get some power in your knee, it also depents what activity you have done before !
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